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really. and then we are start to see a westerly wind. today it's sunny side up and warmer for you and me and claudine. patchy fog. temperatures will be in the 50- 80s. here is sal. steve, good morning. traffic is is doing well around the bay area. westbound 580 livermore there was a crash that has just cleared and the traffic traffic has discovered. highway 4 coming up to the willow pass grade with no major issues here. right now we are look at interstate 880 and that traffic is moving nicely in both directions here. san francisco 101 looks good. on the lower deck of the bay bridge still a couple lanes
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closed eastbound right when you get on to the bridge. the far left lanes are closed just about ready to pick up the closure. watch for workers when you get on that lower deck. let's go back to the desk. new this morning arson investigators are trying to determine what caused eight u- haul trucks to catch fire. tara moriarty joins us live from the scene where concern over what could have happened had firefighters evacuating nearby homes. tara. >> reporter: neighbors tell us 24 people had to be evacuated because of propane tanks that are stored in this lot where the u-haul trucks are stored. you can see the foam here on the ground where the firefighters were and the damaged truck seem to be over in that general direction. as far as the propane tanks the one that firefighters had the most concern was the big tall white one. flames broke out around midnight between trucks which are parked in a lot in the middle of a hotel.
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people in the hotel and a row of houses that border the lot tell us to get out. luckily fire crews were able to protect the tanks. eight u-haul trucks were damaged and it was a tough fire to get to. >> the access was a definite difficulty for us. we had to stretch multiple two and a half inch lines probably 250-400 feet back there which is pretty long ways back in there for us. >> reporter: now there was a slight pop that you could actually hear from the gas tank exploding on one of the trucks. that is according to fire officials. all of the evacwees are safe and sound. we will hear from one man that faced an extra challenge. no one was hurt in the fire and investigators are still trying to determine exactly what caused it all. san francisco police chief greg sur will hold a community meeting tonight in the city's bay view district.
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the chief will try to cool down the growing tensions tied to last saturday's fatal police shooting. our ktvu cameras captured the chaos in downtown san francisco last night as police in riot gear arrested as many as 35 protestors. the protestors were expressing their anger over kenneth harding in the bay view district on saturday afternoon. >> there is a whole loss to the grant thing and they shot the guy on the bart last week and now this. >> from what i heard it seems like the police have reason to do what they did. >> last nights demonstration came hours after demonstrators released results of gunshot residue on hardings hand. that supports the two officers assertion that he opened fire on them before he was killed. we have posted raw video of
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the protest on our website just go to the victim was standing in the number three westbound lane. a white chevrolet malibu slammed into him first followed by several other cars. they describe him as a white millage man. bryan stow has suffered a set back. he under went emergency surgery this week after a major seizure. doctors seen slight signs of improve since then. the family is still urging as many supporters to continue to pray for his full recovery. the reward money in the bryan stow case has risen to $225,000. yesterday los angeles county supervisors have voted to increase their award to
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$25,000. police are still looking for two other suspects as well as witnesses to the beating. we have a sad update on the orinda teenager that was buried alive. 17-year-old ryan buchanon is in a vegetative state. he was digging a sand tunnel when the sand collapsed on top of him. he was buried for ten minutes before rescue crews dug him out. two men are in custody in connection with the death of a woman who's body was found burning. police spotted the suspects yesterday afternoon. now investigators say the men took off running but a helicopter was called in and they were captured within a couple hours. police are not saying how the two men are connected to the death. friends and family are mourning the death of an off duty marin county sheriffs deputy who was killed while helping a friend.
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jim mathiesen was gunned down. he was asked to come to petaluma to help with a domestic dispute. he leaves behind a wife and two children. in just a few hours yosemite park rangers will resume their search for hikers that were swept over a water fall falling more than 300 feet. rangers received multiple calls from people who say at least person was pulled over vernal falls. the nearby mist trail that leads to the falls was shut down. searchers were sent below the falls to search for the hikers. rangers are not confirming what happened or how many people are missing. plenty of witnesses are coming forward. >> i was shocked. i mean to see people fall from that high and then the current i just when they fell i actually saw a head pop out and go back in.
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>> other people said they saw a man and woman cross a safety barrier to get a closer look at the falls. another man tried to help him and he too fell in the water. time now is 4:36. let's head out to sal castaneda. >> good morning, to you and everyone. let's see what we have now with the morning commute. interstate 80 looks good. there is no problem there. just down the road on interstate 880 that traffic looks very nice in both directions here right in front of the oakland coliseum and the oakland airport exit. and this morning if you are driving in san jose we have a live look at downtown san jose for you that is northbound 280 on the right. interstate 280 looks good in the valley. let's say good morning, once again to steve. thank you very much. we have mostly clear skies. there is only a couple wisps of
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fog around. so we won't have a problem getting out of the gate with sunshine for almost everybody. you can see how a north breeze takes care of it as we go right on down the coast. yesterday the fog made a pretty good serge. today looks like the warmest day of the week. if not today or tomorrow we will get back more in a west wind. there is a component of a north, west wind. lows in the 50s and 60s. these are running warmer by two to four degrees than we saw yesterday. high pressure even though it's in the middle of the country we lost the low pressure to the north. another one will be diving in. we will start a slight cooling trend. today we get a little bit of a warmup here. not only coast and bay but inland. there is not much fog. the weekend will see an increase in fog. it will be sunny and nice. patchy fog at best. i don't think there will be much there. couple hours it will get wiped out. sunny and warm ever for
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everybody. 60s, 70s, and 80s. the 90s are calling. low 90s. temperatures getting slightly above for a day or two. then we will see a cooling ten. the simping lifestyle changes you -- the simple lifestyle changes you can make to lower your chance of getting alzheimer's. plus you will hear from the wind surfer that was rescued after spending 13 hours in the san francisco bay. what went wrong and how she survived. good morning, right now traffic is moving very nicely on the golden gate bridge heading south to san francisco. we'll tell you more about that commute straight ahead.
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good morning, skies are mostly clear. some patchy fog on the san mateo coast. a little more toward the santa cruz coast. time now 4:42. a wind surfer shares her amazing story how she survived 13 hours in the san francisco bay. >> i think i was most scared going through the bridge. i thought i might get caught on something. getting cold. that's why i have to keep extra swimming the whole time. >> ktvu morning news showed the dramatic rescue live yesterday
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morning. she got stranded and when the died down she was all alone with a broken sail. her radio and beacon grid not work. so she kicked and treaded water for 13 hours. the coast guard did finally spot her around dawn and raised her up to the helicopter with the help of a rescue ballot. she will return to the water. there will be a special mail in election this august. they will be able to approve an $80 parcel tax. it would help pay for police officers, city workers, and libraries. the u.s. senate is expected to shut down a cut, cap, and balance plan. but president obama offered
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bipartisan support for another group. the u.s. has until august 2nd to raise the debt ceiling or risk default. the taliban is denying reports the group's leader is dead. someone hacked into his phone and sent out a fake message to journalists that the leader omar has died. he has lead the decade insurgency. he ruled most of afghanistan as leader of the taliban government until the u.s. invasion of october of 2001. happening now british prime minister david cameron is before parliament on an emergency hearing on the phone hacking scandal. he defended his exaid. coleson is one of ten people arrested in the phone hacking scandal.
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during a three-hour grueling yesterday. murdoch said he was unaware of any wrong doing. a man tried to hurl a plate of shaving -- all of that after murdoch was questioned about whether the hacking included 9/11 victims. >> we have seen no evidence of that at all and as far as we know the fbi haven't either. >> we are just learning a british judge has allowed actor hugh grant to see if his voice mails were revealed. a federal court has overturned two felony acquittals of a man urging people top shoot barack obama before he was president. his messages were quote dangerous but were also protected free speech. prosecutors could ask for a rehearing by the court of
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appeals. in a few hours the senate committee will hold a hearing on a proposal to repeal the federal defense of marriage act. it would give married same sex couples the same benefits. yesterday the white house -- sunday is the same day -- so many people want to get married on that day in new york city. mayor michael bloomberg announced a lottery has been set up. 764 couples will be set to get married at the five clerk offices. new york city has received more than 2600 applications for marriage licenses. the obama administration is considering a plan to offer free birth control as part of the health care reform law. if that idea is approved no copay would be required when a woman picks up monthly contraceptives.
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it also suggests costs for gestational diabetes, and counseling for domestic violence to be covered. >> and i think we shouldn't give people these means to destroy life. >> in this country over half of our pregnancies are intended. and largely we can point to the fact that birth control costs too much money. >> the department of health and human services will make the final decision on what services will be offered by the end of next month. today first lady michelle obama will announce a new plan by national chain stores to serve up healthy foods. the stores including walmart and wall greens will open or expand 1500 locations. walmart plans to open another 300 stores by 2016. ball greens will expand -- wall greens will expand its services
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to include fresh fruit and veggies. the san francisco va medical center conducted the study. researchers concluded more than half of alzheimer's patients could be prevented if people stopped smoking, exercise more and lose weight. at & t could start installing new cable boxes in san francisco as soon as today. the board of supervisors approved the installation without an environmental report yesterday. it allows at & t to build a stronger fiberoptic network and create more options for cable and internet services. critics say those boxes will be an eyesore and attract vandals. cell phone retailers are now required to educate users about potential health risks linked to radiation from phones. the new ordinance does not
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require the disclosure of radiation laws. as shuttle atlantis gets ready to return to earth what will happen to the thousands of people that work for the shut program. you ming says his basketball career is over. why he's retiring and what he says next.
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and by the time they get out of 8th grade, they're going to do it with sweat on their brow and achievement in their hearts. so, this is what they're gonna need: running shoes, t-shirts, tube socks, fruit cups, cheese sticks, energy bars, rope climbing gloves, rope burn ointment, and a jump drive. not sure what that is, but they're gonna be jumpin'. school takes a lot. target has it all.
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well you are taking a live look at the command center for nasa right now as they continue to monitor things in space at this hour. the crew ovates rantist spend -- of atlantis spending its last full day in space and making preparations for tomorrow's early morning landing in florida. they will check the thruster jets. all 44 jets performed normally. the commander and pilot will spend most of the day practicing simulated landing on
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a computer. atlantis is scheduled to touchdown before 3:00 a.m. tomorrow. the landing of atlantis will be bittersweet. 2500 workers will be laid off after atlantis lands. a total of 8 thursday people will lose their job at kennedy space center before the end of the year. thousands of other workers at nasa facilities including mission control in texas will lose their jobs as this program wraps up. time now 4:52. i think things look good on the road. eight sal? >> yeah they are pretty good. we do have traffic that is moving nicely around. traffic is looking good on the san mateo bridge and over to the peninsula there have been no major problem there is. this mornings commute is looking very nice on interstate 880. if grow are driving up to
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downtown oakland it has ban decent drive. 580 livermore near the truck scales there was an earlier crash it has been cleared. i see the indicator there. traffic is moving very nicely and if you are driving on the nimitz freeway in the middle of the east bay, hayward, union city, and fremont traffic is moving well in both directions. we've had a lot of low clouds and fog. yesterday being one. it has been a cool pattern. the last couple days we have been inching up. there is very little fog today. north wind is taking care of most of it. it's gone right along the san mateo coastline. so we will hang our hat on today being warmer for almost everybody including those close to the coast. there is not much in the way of any partly cloudy skies or any rain which is something we have been talking about but not today. you can see how the fog goes right on down the coast. more of a northerly breeze
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along the coast or northwest that takes that fog right down the coast. low 60s upper 50s. so the signatures are all there. less of a sea breeze. warmer air aloft equals warmer air highs. it looks like today and tomorrow another low will drop in. another wind will kick up its heals. today there is not much fog. by the weekend we will see a return of cooler weather. it will still be sunny but not as sunny as today. sunny and warmer. patchy fog at best. 60s and 70s, and 80s coast and bay. upper 80s and low 90s inland. finally temperatures for those looking for weather o warmer weather will be arriving today. we will see cooler weather. it will still be in the 80s inland. there is a new hurricane heading toward the coast of mexico. dora is the fourth storm of the
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hurricane season. right now it's about 250 miles off of acapulco, mexico. it's heading north, northwest. it could hit the coast in the next 36 hours. in mexico they are preparing nearly 900 shelters in flood prone areas. he might have used up a few lives but rascal is being called one lucky cat. on july 11th, 75 days after a torpid destroyed his home rascal was found alive. his weight was down to two pounds and his collar had been tangled around his front left regular. rascal is expected to make a full recovery. nfl owners and players are still inching closer to a deal to end the leagues four-month- old lockout. both sides will meet today. they are still confident they can reach an agreement within the next few days.
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that would save the nfl preseason which begins in the next few weeks. retired pro players said they would not stand in the way of an agreement. earlier they had been complaining they had been left out of talks that directly effects their pensions. a basketball star who popularized the game in china has made his announcement today. he blamed foot and leaguers. he scored nearly 10,000 points for the houston rocket. >> nine years ago i come to houston as yao tall skinny player and an entire city and a team changed me to am grown -- to a grown man. >> he may become general manager of a basketball team in shanghai. he continues his work in china. several trucks go up in
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flames. the reason why investigators say the fire looks suspicious. and 35 people arrested after prom test against police turned violent. the way the chief hopes to calm the community today.
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protestors saying about last nights march and rally. the protest of a killing of a young man. glove compartment we are live in mountain -- we are live in mountain view where investigators are handling a suspicious fire here. there is a new opponent to san francisco's proposed ban on circumcision. the action the state is taking. the plan to expand san francisco subway takes a big step forward. the neighborhood that is one- step closer to an easier commute. it's all ahead on the ktvu morning news. and good morning, everyone it's wednesday, july 20th i'm mike mibach in for dave clark. >> and i'm claudine wong, pam cook also has the day off. let's get a look at your weather and traffic. good morning, steve. >> good morning, claudine and mike. we have clear

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